How To Make Money By Shopping Online

Ebates is a twist on the Manny cuevas online shopping experience, but it may be one of the web’s best kept online shopping rebate programs.

Unlike most discount sites that seek to provide coupon codes or voucher codes, Ebates gives you cash back for your online shopping.

How Do You Get Cash Back?

I was surprised to hear that you actually get cash back for shopping, but once I did a little research, it makes total sense.
When you use Ebates to go online shopping, you click an affiliate link on the Ebates site.  Everything you then spend at your favorite seller is then tracked back to Ebates, and Ebates earns a commission from your purchase.  This can apply to most purchases on the retailers site, including stuff like giftcards or even travel.

However, Ebates, unlike other sites, tracks your purchases as well and is able to identify which commissions are from your purchases.  And, four times per year (or more if you qualify), EBates mails you a check or sends you a PayPal payment that is a part of your commission.

Is It For Real?

Yes, Ebates actually pays you back a part of the commission they earn.  This is why using the site is so beneficial.

If you were going to be doing online shopping anyway, why not try to earn some extra money for doing what you were going to do anyway?  Ebates has a lot of major stores that you would most likely shop at – like Wal-Mart, Apple, Toys R Us, Target, even Hotels!

Do you think you can’t get a better deal using Groupon?  Well, you’re wrong.  You can even get a 3% cash back rewards on your Groupon deal by using Ebates!

That is what makes Ebates so powerful.  There is so much savings to be had for doing the basic shopping that you would probably be doing online anyway.  There is no reason to leave money on the table when you can get cash back rewards so easily for doing what you would normally do.

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