The Brave Reason Manny Cuevas Gave Up Medical School for a Beauty Career

He’s flawless — and his 10 million Instagram followers would agree.

Makeup isn’t just for women and though that might seem obvious to some, it bears repeating in a world where even girls are still heavily criticized for how much makeup they do or do not choose to wear. Men have been wearing makeup for centuries, but in a beauty industry dominated by women, it’s difficult to remember that storied legacy. There is a burgeoning movement though of male Youtube and Instagram stars who are putting their stamp on the beauty industry in a major way for Generation Z and millennials.

Manny Cuevas is one such beauty maven who at just 25, has over 2 million Instagram followers: and that number is surely rising as we speak. It has been at least a two-decade-long love affair with makeup; Manny fell in love with all things beauty as a child. “I have always been fascinated with it,” he tells Teen Vogue. “As a child, I would watch my mom get ready for work and just sit there for hours watching her transform. However, it wasn’t until much later on that I really started to dabble in makeup myself.”

Manny hid his love for beauty as a teenager and dealt with some family difficulties after his decision to leave medical school to go after his dream of being a makeup artist. “I had my struggles with my family due to misunderstanding and miscommunication,” he says. “I did have push back in the beginning of my career because my parents weren’t really sure what I was going to do with my life going in the route of makeup. I was planning on medical school so when I threw the makeup wrench at them, they were not expecting that.”

But he did go for it and began working at Sephora and MAC makeup counters in his hometown of San Diego. That led to an increasingly popular presence on Instagram and ultimately befriending fellow Instagram beauty star, Patrick (who you probably know better as Patrick ). Manny Cuevas chalks up a lot of his business knowledge to Patrick and now they share the same publicist, as well as being BFFs. “I believe we became friends because I was persistent in wanting to be his friend actually,” says Manny. “I was a fan of his work, so when I finally met him I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to be friends.” Manny did his best to be cool when they first met, but he had a bit of a starstruck moment. It happens to us all. It wasn’t too long before they became incredibly close. “I would say our friendship is one of a kind. We truly understand one another! We struggle with similar things, our families are so similar, and we relate on so many different levels. I don’t know where I would be without him in my life.”

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