All About Me My name is Manny Cuevas and I’m a student at lakelandridge School. I was born on September 18th, 1991. I have a family of five and I have 2 cats. My likes! One of my favorite memories
is when I performed at capital
ex! I was so excited and super
Nerve wracking! But it was a
great time!!!! Another memory
is when My family and I went to
Orlando,Flordia! It was a blast! We went on rollarcoasters and went to sea world! We also went to Miami! Favorite Memories Some of my likes!
~Hanging out with friends
~Sleeping In
~ Shopping
~ Making Bracelets Goals and Action
Plans Some of my plans are:
– finishing school
-To own my own hair
-Be a dance teacher
-Continue on with dance What I like to do in my
Spare Time -Bake
-Hang out with friends
-Listen to music
-Watch T.V
-Just to relax!

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